Our Range Of Products

Pretreatment Plant – Coarse Filtration With – Pressure Sand Filter/ Dual Media  Filter/ Activated Carbon Filter                                                  

Micron Filtration – Bag Filter/ Poly Propylene Cartridge Filter With PP/ Stainless Steel Housing   


Ultrafiltration System for Pretreatment before Reverse Osmosis Treatment                            


Chemical Dosing Systems                                                                                                                                                                                    


Reverse Osmosis System with membrane Technology                                                                                                                                


Electro Deionization System                                                                                                                                   


Ion Exchange Resin Bed Filtration                                                                                                                                                                        


Demineralizing Plant                                                                                                                                                                                              


Pharmaceutical Grade High Purified Water Generation System

   * Hot water sanitizing UF-RO1- RO2 - EDI systems

   * Demineralizers

   * Ultraviolet Sterilizers for loop disinfection

   * Purified Water distribution systems with Loop Pipe Lines

   * Orbital Welding/ Boroscopy

   * Online Water Quality & Quantity Monitoring Instruments

   * Automation for complying CFR 21-Part11 as per US FDA guidelines


Water Treatment Chemicals                                                                                                                                                                                


Oxidizing Agents                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Waste Water Treatment System                                                                                                                                                                         


On line water quality monitoring instruments                                                                                                                                                


Test Kits

List Of Our Customers With Whom We have Association 

1. Cauvery Laminates, Jigani, Bangalore

    Supply installation of Reverse Osmosis System with pre-filteration system for

    4000 liters per hour.


2. Hindocare Pharmaceuticals – Mangalore

    Supply, erection and commissioning of purified water generation system with

    Pretreatment plant followed by Two Bed DM Plant and Mixed Bed DM Plant with

    UV sterilizer and Purified water storage tank 1000 liters SS304. 

    Supply, erection and commissioning of Distribution piping out of SS316L with

    valve and fittings to user points. 


3. Aradhya Steels

    Supply of RO membranes 8040 - 5 Nos for RO 5000 LPH. 


4. Reitzel India Pvt. Ltd.

    Supply of RO membranes 8040 - 9 Set for RO 8000 LPH. 


5. Ceratizit India Pvt. Ltd

    Supply erection & commissioning of Mixed bed Deionizer System with super

    charged Resins to produce Ultra pure water with instrumentation. 


6. Appotex Research Pvt. Ltd.

    Supply of Valves and fittings out of UPVC/ SS316 diaphragm valves. 


7. Sonia Organis –

    Supply Of Resins for RO1 / RO2 for Unit-2 and DM Plant, pH meters/ Conductivity

    meters. Micron filters and servicing of DM Plant and MB. 


8. Group Pharmaceuticls Ltd- Malur

    Supply erection & commissioning of Sand Filter 3500 liters per hour. Servicing of

    RO plant at Unit1 & Unit2. 


9. Gowrishankar Chemicals – K B Cross

    Supply Of water Softening Plant for Boiler feed water for flow rate of 4500 LPH.


10. GDS Sterling Gas Pvt. Ltd.

    Supply of Distribution pump SS316 for DM water distribution with piping and

    control panel.


11. Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd. Bangalore

    Supply Water Treatment chemicals and Spares for RO Plant. 

12. Tropicool Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Hubli

    Supply of chemicals and servicing of Reverse Osmosis System for food processing



13. BOSCH Limited

    Supply of micron filtration system for drinking water system and servicing of sand

    Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. 


14. Natural Capsules Limited

      Servicing of RO plant 400 liters per hour with RO membranes and spares. Order

      value Rs.0.30 lakhs.

      Supply & Installation and commissioning of Two Bed & Mixed Bed Deionizer for

      1500 LPH and 10000 liters per regeneration. 


15. Nutri Feed & Farms Pvt. Ltd.

      Supply of spare and chemicals and servicing of RO plant 400 LPH.


16. Fortune Cotton & Agro Industries – Hubli

      Supply of Sand media & Resin for Servicing of water treatment plant.


17. Orchid Laminates – Harohalli

      Supply Of RO housing and RO membrane with Micron filter for increasing the

      capacity to 400 LPH. 


18. Infra Fine Foods – Hubli

      Supply Of Chemicals and filter and servicing of RO plant 4000 LPH. 


19. Shreshushe Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. – Tirupathi

      Supply, erection and commissioning of purified water generation system with

    Pretreatment plant followed by RO 1.2 m3/hr & Two Bed DM Plant and Mixed Bed

    DM Plant with UV sterilizer for 1.25 m3/hr.    


20. Shree Banashankari Papers Pvt. Ltd.

     Supply, erection and commissioning of Water Softening plant for boiler feed

     water for 10000 LPH & 100000 liters per regeneration of soft water. 



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